TSI Store


The Taoist Studies Institute Bookstore at the back of the school is a treasure room of reading and Chinese accessories. The bookstore carries a broad selection of books related to Taoism, Chinese Medicine, Taijiquan, Qigong, Dietetics, and related fields. Proceeds from the bookstore benefit the Taoist Studies Institute Library.

When you make a purchase at the bookstore, please make your check out to “TSIB”. If you are a student of the school, do NOT add it in with your tuition. Please keep bookstore and tuition payments separate.

The Bookstore is open during office hours and normal class hours (Mon-Thur 6-9pm, Sat 8am-Noon). We are working to allow you to purchase Bookstore items on-line.


New T-Shirts with Yin-Yang symbol resting in the clouds have arrived and join our existing TSI T-Shirts with the Snake-Turtle design and the Institute seal. All sizes of both designs are available now in our Bookstore.

To make a bookstore purchase, simply list out your items on the clipboard sheet, tally them up, and place your payment (via cash or check to “TSIB”) in the metal box. Please talk to Pau, Shoko, or Tanya if you have questions about the bookstore. The Bookstore is open during regular office and class hours.