Fostering the Taoist tradition through Cultivation, Education, and the Arts


Zhan Zhuang Standing Meditation



Saturday, Nov. 11th 1:00 pm – 3:30

Instructor: Harrison Moretz


Zhan Zhuang, or Standing Post meditation, is one method of cultivating stillness.


Standing is basic training for Qigong as well as internal styles of martial arts. 

Standing cultivates qi, develops internal connection, and strengthens the body from within.

 Participants will learn several standing postures, the principles of standing practice, and methods of developing internal connections.


Yang Sheng Program


Yang Sheng Zhi Dao

Saturday November 18th & Sunday November 19th

Instructor: Harrison Moretz

The Yang Sheng program at TSI is offered as a comprehensive system of self care and development in accordance with the natural world.



Push Hands


Instructor:Harrison Moretz

Sunday November 26th 9:30am – 3:30pm

Push hands is an important component of the taiji quan system.

The practice of push hands helps to rectify the empty hand forms, increase internal strength, develop awareness of self, and cultivate ability to listen to, interpret and transform the force of an opponent.

It is through push hands training that one can truly develop the taiji energies.

Instruction to include:

Eight energies and five step

Solo practice
Developing the eight energies in push hands
Moving step push hands
Push hands neigong
Use of silk reeling in push hands
Dalu and variations
Use of the four corners (Cai, Lie Zhou , Kao) in  push hands