Fostering the Taoist tradition through Cultivation, Education, and the Arts.


 Deepening Practice Summer Retreat


Instructor: Harrison Moretz
August 21st at 9am – August 30th at 4pm

The Deepening Practice Retreat is an opportunity to immerse oneself in dedicated practice, which results in accelerated progress.

Throughout the retreat, there will be an emphasis on individual guidance to deepen each participant’s skill and understanding, regardless of experience level.

The curriculum will include meditation, qigong, and form practice throughout the day with a talk and discussion each evening after dinner.

Essential in the practice of the Hun Yuan system is the idea of Nourishing. It is only through the understanding and practice of Nourishing that health and vitality are cultivated, and true skill develops.

Extended practice in a natural setting allows opportunity to access and harvest the qi of nature and to strengthen and deepen one’s own practice.


Our 13th Annual Moon Festival


Sunday September 27th at 3:30pm
Dinner at 5:30pm
Location : TSI Sanctuary (in Snohomish)

Spend the afternoon exploring trails and environs of the Sanctuary
and view the harvest moon !

The evenings entertainment will include Spring Cheng performing an original song called “Young Songs, Old Voices”. She will be accompanied by Ken Curtis on Guitar.

Larry Lawson will also be performing with his Shakuhachi Flute and other bamboo instruments

Martial Arts Demonstrations

Dinner will include; Baked Salmon, Rice, Vegetables, Salad, and handcrafted Pizza


Tai Chi Staff Retreat

Qin Guniang Gun

qin liang yu woodblockInstructor: Harrison Moretz

September 25, 9:00 am – September 27, 4:00 pm

In this Retreat we will explore principles of practicing staff.  Learn training exercises and begin the form.

This rare & unusual staff form belongs to the internal school of Chinese martial arts. Historically it traces back to a Ming dynasty female general and her personal troops. The staff form was later incorporated into the Tai Chi system.

With Elements similar to Ba Gua and Chen Tai Chi, this form is excellent at increasing internal and external coordination, and extending the tai chi energies through the staff.

This staff system has a large body of two person practice as well as the solo form. These include joined staff methods similar to push hands as well as application of movements from the form.


Hun Yuan Tai Chi Simplified 24

Intensive Workshop

photo 5Instructor : Harrison Moretz

September 13, 9:30 am – 3:30 pm

This intensive is designed to improve and deepen the foundation of its participants.

It is the depth of basic skills that allows profound ability to emerge.

A bridge between gong and form, the Simplified 24 form is the foundation for both martial and internal cultivation in the practice of the Hun Yuan system.

New students will get a thorough introduction, and more advanced students will deepen their understanding and skill.


Gong Intensive Workshop

QigongInstructor: Harrison Moretz

Sept  20th 9:30 am to 3:00pm

Combining practice and theory

An exploration of qi and consciousness 

In this class we will explore some fundamental questions; What is Qi? How do we experience it? What is qigong? How to get the most out of Qigong practice. Why are there so many different kinds of qigong? What should I practice? What should I do if…?