Fostering the Taoist tradition through Cultivation, Education, and the Arts

Taiji Classics IIInstructor: Harrison Moretz

Sunday Feb. 26th

This intensive is a introduction to the classical writings on Tai Ji Quan. We will explore their meaning and embodiment in our own practice.

The classical writings on Taiji contain within them both the essential philosophical context of Taiji and practical keys to deepening practice. In this class we will examine the writings and learn how to directly apply them to practice.


Push Hands Internal Training  Retreat

March 17th 9am – March 19th 4:00pm

Instructor:Harrison Moretz

Push hands is an important component of the taiji quan system.

The practice of push hands helps to rectify the empty hand forms, increase internal strength, develop awareness of self, and cultivate ability to listen to, interpret and transform the force f an opponent. It is through push hands training that one can truly develop the taiji energies.

Instruction to include:

Eight energies and five step

Solo practice
Developing the eight energies in push hands
Moving step push hands
Push hands neigong
Use of silk reeling in push hands
Dalu and variations
Use of the four corners (Cai, Lie Zhou , Kao) in  push hands



13 Shi Workshop

pic2March 5th 9:30 – Noon

Instructor: Harrison Moretz

This form is a potent way to practice both internal cultivation and martial ability.

The Tai Chi 13 Form is comprised of the eight energies and five steps expressing the essence of Tai Chi Chuan.



Yang Sheng Zhi Dao

Saturday March 11th & Sunday March 12th

Instructor: Harrison Moretz, Jason Robertson

The Yang Sheng program at TSI is offered as a comprehensive system of self care and development in accordance with the natural world.



Fang Song Gong Intensive

March 26th 9:30 am – 3:30pm

Instructor: Harrison Moretz

Fang Song Gong – Releasing into Suppleness Gong – is one of the fundamental gong sets in the Hun Yuan System.

These seemingly simple movements are suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. Fang Song Gong, originally a secret method, is regarded as the most advanced of the three primary gong sets.