Fostering the Taoist tradition through Cultivation, Education, & the Arts


Eight Sections of Brocade (seated)


Instructor: Harrison Moretz

April 26,  9:30 am – 12:00 pm

Eight sections of brocade is a traditional qigong set practiced

by Taoists and Martial Artists.

This seated qigong method is a traditional Taoist practice for health and vitality. Seated Eight sections of Brocade also enhances meditation practice and helps eliminate difficulties that can arise from long periods of sitting practice.

This workshop is suitable for any level.

 Please bring a blanket and meditation cushion if you have one.


Taoist Walking Retreat

walking RetreatInstructor: Harrison Moretz

             May 22,  9:00 am – May 24,  4:00 pm

This retreat will present both foundation gong methods and walking methods.

The effortless gait of Taoist walking is both graceful and efficient.  It stills the mind, nourishes the body and cultivates vitality.

There are many methods of Taoist walking, Xing Qiao. They all are dependent on the foundation of internal practice. Xing Qiao walking is a method of carrying  practice into other activities and is one of the four activities of cultivation; walking, standing, sitting, and lying down.


Women’s Retreat with Shoko Zama

TSI_retreat center_PrintSize-4763Instructor: Shoko Zama

May 16,  9:00 am – May 17, 4:00 pm

Together we will explore the Xinyi Hunyuan Chen Style Taiji system

at our beautiful TSI Sanctuary.

Starting the day we will harvest Qi outside, and circulate it through the whole body in Taiji practice.Beginners are welcome!Tea master Huei-Ling Shiang will be cooking for us, with her beautiful daughters Maya and Jyoti.
Feel free to bring your knitting or any craft project for your free time.


Intro to Qigong


Instructor: Harrison Moretz

May 2nd 1pm to 2:30pm

Combining practice and theory

This class will introduce the basic terms and methods of Qigong practice with the goal of direct experience of its methods and benefits.

An exploration of qi and consciousness 

In this class we will explore some fundamental questions; What is Qi? How do we experience it? What is qigong? How to get the most out of Qigong practice. Why are there so many different kinds of qigong? What should I practice? What should I do if…?


Hunyuan Deep Practice


photo 5Instructor: Harrison Moretz

June 7, 9:30 am – 3:30 pm

Enhance, expand, and strengthen practice.

A day of deep practice integrating aspects of the Hun Yuan system. Through guided practice further develop internal skill and enhance understanding.