Fostering the Taoist tradition through Cultivation, Education, and the Arts



Cultivating the Genuine Retreat

Instructor: Harrison Moretz

Feb 17th 9am – Feb 20th 4pm

Awake to the Original Nature – Restore the Original Vitality – Enter the Realm of the Dao.

The path of cultivating the Dao is cultivating the Sage the Xian the Genuine person within us. This retreat will explore the meaning, context-view of this path, and lay the practical foundation of practice to cultivate the Genuine Nature, Restore the Original Vitality and enter the Realm of the Dao.


Yang Sheng Program


Yang Sheng Zhi Dao

Saturday March 11th & Sunday March 12th

Instructor: Harrison Moretz, Jason Robertson, Daniel Altshuler, and Matt Branham

The Yang Sheng program at TSI is offered as a comprehensive system of self care and development in accordance with the natural world.

 Taiji Classics II

Instructor: Harrison Moretz

Sunday Feb. 26th

This intensive is a introduction to the classical writings on Tai Ji Quan. We will explore their meaning and embodiment in our own practice.

The classical writings on Taiji contain within them both the essential philosophical context of Taiji and practical keys to deepening practice. In this class we will examine the writings and learn how to directly apply them to practice.