Fostering the Taoist tradition through cultivation, education, & the Arts


Taoist Silent Meditation Retreat

2007121501004Imstructor: Harrison Moretz

 November 21, 9:00 am – November 23, 4:00 pm

Taoist Silent Meditation combines spiritual cultivation and the nourishment of physical health and vitality. The juxtaposition of these two aspects results in a potent system of practice. This retreat will include detailed instruction in Taoist meditation and supplementary practices.

Daily practice will include ~

Daoist sitting meditation and instruction

Dao-yin self massage

Study of Taoist meditation texts

Eight Sections of Brocade Qigong practice (Sitting)


Hun Yuan Tai Chi 13 Form

8 Energies    5 Steps

sepia bagua

Instructor: Harrison Moretz

 November 2nd 9:30am – 3:30pm

The Tai Chi 13 Form is comprised of the eight Energies and five steps expressing the essence of Tai Chi. It is a potent way to practice both internal cultivation and martial ability.

Eight energies – Peng, Lu, Ji, An, Cai, Lie, Zhou, Kao, are all expressions of the internal energy, internal force.

Five steps – Jin, Tui, Zuo Gu, You Pan,  Zhong Ding, are the energies expressed through the legs and allow agile movement and stability.

 In this intensive we will examine how to understand the internal energies of Tai Chi and find them in our own practice. Participants will practice the thirteen energies form both solo and with a partner.

 The morning session will focus on solo practice. The afternoon will include two person practice.

Seated Eight Sections of Broacade

qigingclass2Instructor: Harrison Moretz

November 9th 9:30am – Noon

This seated qigong method is a traditional Taoist practice for health and vitality.

Useful for health and vitality in general, this set also enhances meditation practice and helps eliminate difficulties that can arise from long periods of sitting practice.

 (Please bring a blanket and meditation cushion if you have one.)