Fostering the Taoist tradition through cultivation, education, & the Arts 


12th Annual Moon Festival

The_Moon_Goddess_of_Chang'e_(Shi_Yu) (2)

Sunday Sept. 7th  3:30pm – 9:00pm

Dinner at 5:30

Spend the afternoon exploring trails and environs at the Sanctuary. See the progress of the newly built  Mountain Gate, and view the harvest moon.

Spring Cheng, Songwriter, Singer and Storyteller will perform Chinese poems Songs of the Yangtze River. (Adapted from Tang Dynasty Poem by Li Bai) Ode to the Full moon (Adapted from Song Dynasty Poem by Su Shi)

Willow & Kaija (Blue Lotus) will play transcendent music arising from the moment.

Dinner will include Baked Salmon, Full Salad Bar, handcrafted Pizza.

As a special treat we will have homemade Mooncakes (Shanghai style) made by the Tian sisters.


Yang Sheng Retreat

DSC_1150Instructor :Harrison Moretz

Sept 19, 8:00 am – Sept 21, 4:00 pm

Location: Sanctuary
Yang Sheng is the art and science of nourishing life and living in accord with nature.

As we move into the fall and winter seasons it becomes especially important to pay attention to storing and nourishing.

This retreat will include Yang Sheng cooking and foods with emphasis on seasonal appropriateness.
Practices presented will include; Qigong for health and longevity, napping and sleeping Qigong as well as Yang Sheng theory


Stick and Ruler Workshop

photo 5Instructor: Harrison Moretz

Sunday, Sept 14
9:30 am – 3:30 pm

This system of qigong is attributed to Chen Xiyi, a Taoist who lived on Hua Mountain in the Sung Dynasty.

This version was transmitted from Hu Yaozhen through Feng Zhiqiang. The Ruler cultivates Qi, Spirit, and Essence as well as training the Taiji energies.
The Stick strengthens the sinews and bones, and trains the silk-reeling Chan Si Jin and Qinna (joint locking) skills.

Stick & ruler sets are available to borrow during class or for purchase from the Bookstore.

Building Gong Fu Workshop

pauInstructor: Joseph Pau

Sunday,  Sept 28th 9:30 am – Noon

We will be practicing Standing meditation, two moves from the Hunyuan Gong set, two moves from the Chansi Gong set and the closing series of self-massage.

The main teacher for this workshop will be the moves themselves with supplemental pointers given during practice.

This workshop will only be open to students who have accumulated at least 100hrs. of practice.

If you are not sure, ask the instructor if this workshop is suitable for you.