Special Lectures with Prof. Zhang Qin

We are pleased to welcome Professor Zhang Qin from Sichuan University. He will be teaching the following classes at TSI during his visit.

Zhang Qin Ph. D, Sichuan University:
– National Key Research Institute for Taoism and Religious Studies, Associate Director
– Taoist Cultivation Study Center, Director
– Chinese Religious Studies Association, Advisory Board
– Chengdu Taoist Association, Advisory Board

Wisdom of Nourishing Life in the Taoist Classics

  • Principles of nourishing life in the Zhouyi Cantong Qi
  • Theory of elixir tao in the Inner Chapters of the Baopuzi
  • Yangsheng Theory “my fate is determined by me, not by heaven” –Yangxing Yanming Lu
  • Seven stages of cultivation from the Zuowang Lun
  • Inner elixir nourishing life in the Lingbao Bifa
  • Golden Elixir cultivation in the Wuzhen Pian

All lectures are held from 10:00am-3:00pm with a lunch break at Noon.
Cost per lecture: $45 for TSI Members, $55 for Non-Members