Our modest but growing collection primarily consists of books on Taoism, Chinese medicine, Qigong, Chinese nutrition & cooking, Chinese literature, philosophy, Chinese language texts, and internal martial arts (Taiji quan, Bagua zhang, Xingyi quan…)

The Taoist Studies Library currently houses over 2500 volumes. The library is available for use by Taoist Studies Institute members.

Research Library
At present, the library is a research library and the books may only be used on site. We are working towards having a circulating collection as well in the near future.

Use of the Research Library is a TSI Member privilege and access hours are during regular office and class hours, or by appointment. (Except when being used for a class or a meeting)

Ways to help the library

  • Donating to Library Fund – All donations are tax deductible and are used to maintain and expand the library collection.
  • Adopt-a-Book – The Adopt-a-Book program is a way to help the library grow its collection. Buy a book on the LIST of books the library would like to acquire, read it, and then donate it to the library. Please let us know when you buy a book so we can remove it from the list. You can help the library even more if you purchase the book through the Taoist Studies Institute Bookstore. Proceeds go to support the library.
  • Volunteer – There are many tasks in maintaining a library. We are currently in the process of cataloging our collection.