Yang Sheng


Nourishing life is the foundation of Taoist practice and lifestyle. Living in accord with the natural rhythms of the Tao. These patterns include sleep, diet, bathing, movement and quiet practices, practicing integrity.

Yang Sheng is the art of nourishing Life. It is the foundation of health in Chinese medicine and the basis of Taoist cultivation. Yang Sheng includes qigong, diet, sleep, meditation, and living in accord with the cycles of nature.

This program presents an integrated course of study in the methods of Yang Sheng nourishing life with an emphasis on the use of diet. Course material, drawn from Classical Chinese Medicine and Taoist traditions, is designed to aid students’ cultivation of their abilities to observe the patterns of the natural world and function from this “view”.

Using a hands-on approach students learn cooking methods, wildcrafting, the preparation of herbal substances and their use in cooking, energetic anatomy, the cosmology of CCM, and more.

8 Gates – Seasonal Nodes and Nourishing Life

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