What is Taijiquan? 太極拳

Taijiquan (abbrev. Taiji) is a system of martial arts, health exercise and spiritual cultivation with its roots in Taoist principles. The basis of taiji practice is to cultivate qi to nourish the body. It is only through nourishing in this way that the profound benefits and skills of Taiji may be developed.

Why practice Taiji?

People practice Taiji for many reasons. Examples include practicing for health, out of curiosity, to participate with friends, for spiritual cultivation, and for martial ability. No matter the reason people begin their study, once the benefits begin to be realized an inner sense of wellbeing arises. Those who continue to practice do so because it enhances and enriches their life.

What are the benefits of Taiji?

There are many benefits of proper practice of Taiji. Common benefits include improved overall health, relaxation, increased vitality, inner strength, poise, and balance. Taiji is also very enjoyable to practice and beautiful to behold.