Stick & Ruler Gong

Stick and Ruler Gong is actually two sets of qigong exercises practiced with different devices. The stick is used to train the twisting movements employed in qinna (joint-locking) using internal skill – another hallmark of Chen-style Taiji. The ruler is used to intensify qi harvesting and circulation and to deepen stillness practice. These exercises are auxiliary and not considered as essential for frequent practice as the others, although they yield great results.

The Taiji stick and ruler gong practice is an important part of the Hunyuan system. The ruler and stick is a yin yang pair working in concert to nourish essence qi and spirit, to cultivate stillness, strengthen the body, and develop martial skill. An auxiliary gong method, the stick and ruler method further develops the foundation of the Hunyuan gong, Chansi gong, and Fangsong gong.

Stick & ruler sets are available to borrow during class or for purchase from the Bookstore.

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Harrison Moretz Wednesdays 6:00-7:00 PM Ongoing class fees »