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f70aa2bc-36b3-4d9e-8f1f-a3169a78123bChinese Mountain Gate –山門

The Mountain Gate is a passage – real and symbolic – into sacred space. Built primarily from cedar trees felled by the wind on the Sanctuary property, this gate will open into a practice and meditation courtyard. We have constructed the gate by hand which required time, care, and money which so many of you generously contributed — now we need your  support to see it through.

Why This Is So Important
In this modern society of planned obsolescence and mass-production, the ideas of nourishing and cherishing are easily lost. Help us build an enduring and meaningful symbol of cultivation.



Later stages of the project

Roofing – The gate was assembled in May and it will eventually need a Chinese ceramic tile roof. We are using interim roofing material until we are able to procure the roof tiles from China. That cost is unknown, and not included in the original goal of creating and carving the structure.

Courtyard – The courtyard paving and walls will be the next step in completing the gate project. We have wonderful antique lattice work windows from China that will be set in the walls as well as smaller traditional Chinese doors for additional access.

Grounds –The grounds have been completely reconfigured eliminating the road to the house. The areas around the practice hall and courtyard have been drastically altered to improve the overall affect of the gate and courtyard.

ChallengesOur greatest challenge is raising money to pay for the remaining labor and materials in order to finish this project. We have already invested over $15,000 and need more to complete the project.

That’s where we hope you will come in!

Please help by contributing to the gate building fund.

Thank you for your generosity!

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Donation Levels