The Institute

A Tour of the Taoist Studies Institute

Enter the Foyer and help yourself to a cup of tea. Often there are snacks and fruit offerings as well. Here you will find copies of the TSI newsletters, registration sheets on upcoming events, the Class Calendar and other handouts. In addition, you can read the lastest Institute news on our Bulletin Board.

Passing through the inner doors you enter the Main Room where many classes are conducted. (Please take a moment to sign-in for your class or workshop. Sign-in sheets can be found on a table just inside the door.) On the back wall is a box for tuition tuition payments, completed waivers, and registration forms.

Three Shrines are located on the north wall. In brief, the statues here represent cosmological symbols of the primordial origin — the Dao. Incense and candles are lit prior to classes and fresh flowers and fruit are often present as well.

To the right of the stairwell and behind a blue curtain is a coat rack.

The TSI Bookstore & gift shop is along the south wall. To make a purchase, simply list out your items on the clipboard sheet, tally them up, and place your payment in the metal box (we accept cash or checks). Please talk to Pau, Shoko, or Tanya if you have questions about the bookstore. The bookstore is open during regular office and class hours.

The Research Library upstairs is filled with books on Taoism, Taijiquan, Qigong, cooking, Chinese herbs, philosophy, and many other subjects. Use of the Research Library is a TSI Member privilege. The library is available during regular office and class hours, or by appointment.

Restroom Locations: There is one restroom on the main floor. Enter through the door diagonally across from the entrance. Two additional restrooms are located downstairs through the door on the NE corner. To make things easier, please follow the signs and turn on the lights downstairs as directed. The church is a fun old building, home to groups other than TSI. As we share bathrooms, sometimes we need to be flexible about which ones we use.