Moon Festival Celebration

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October 1, 2017 @ 3:30 pm – 9:00 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
3317 183rd Avenue Southeast
Snohomish, WA 98290
(206) 784-5632

14th Annual Moon Festival

The_Moon_Goddess_of_Chang'e_(Shi_Yu) (2)

Sunday October 1st at 3:30pm

Dinner at 5:30pm

Location : TSI Sanctuary (in Snohomish)


Spend the afternoon exploring trails and environs of the Sanctuary, see the Progress we have made on the infrastructure, attend a Bonsai demonstration , and view the harvest moon


Martial Arts Demonstrations

Dinner will include; Baked Salmon, Rice, Vegetables,and Salad


Donation of $20 to $40 per person

children under 10 are free

Please RSVP, info@
By noon of September 29th

Moon Festival

The Legend

According to Chinese legends, in ancient times the sky was filled with ten suns. The bright suns hid the night sky and the earth became parched. The famous archer, Hou Yi, aimed his bow at the sky and shot nine arrows into the sky. Nine suns were pierced and nine ravens fell to the earth.

For his reward, Hou Yi was given a container of the Elixir of Immortality. Planning to surprise and share it with his wife, Chang-E, he took the container home and hid it in the roof beams. When Chang-E came home, however, she smelled a wondrous fragrance. Looking for the source, she found the container in the beams and drank all of the elixir.

Chang-E became so light the earth could not hold her and she floated up to the moon. To this day, she lives there as an immortal, with the Rabbit compounding the Elixir with his mortar and pestle.

The Moon Festival celebrates the return of the Harvest Moon. It takes place on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month. Traditionally, it is a time for friends and families to gather, share food, and drink wine or tea. Moon cakes are often eaten, poetry is recited, and all eyes turn to the moon.


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